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Kelsea Ballerini Sets The Record Straight Amid Lip-Syncing Rumors

Photo: Getty Images

Kelsea Ballerini took a moment to set the record straight after an apparent glitch prompted rumors that she was lip-syncing during her performance at the inaugural People’s Choice Country Awards on Thursday night (September 28).

Ballerini, who performed “Mountain With A View” from her powerful Rolling Up The Welcome Mat EP, smiled as she said in a video on her Instagram story after the show: “I just wanna say, if I was lip-syncing, I would’ve sounded a lot better. One of the cameras was off. Thank you, and goodnight.”

The “HEARTFIRST” superstar addressed the glitch again when she shared a photo from that evening on her Instagram story, wearing a stunning gown and writing, “me singing live watching people think otherwise,” as a caption for the “bombastic side eye” photo.

NBC, which aired the first-ever People’s Choice Country Awards, shared a video on Instagram of Ballerini’s “FLAWLESS glitch-free performance,” noting that “nobody does live vocals like her!” Some Instagram users commented “Real ones knew she wasn’t lip syncing! 😍,” “Considering that I’ve listened to this album a billion times now, can confirm this is live and flawless ✨✨✨✨,” “You can literally hear her breath and take in air before singing. How can anyone say this is lip syncing? She’s just that incredibly vocally 😍🙌,” and “This is very clearly live and BOMB 😭🫶🏼,” to list a few. Watch the full performance here: