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Here's How Dolly Parton Will Empower You To Ditch Your Baggage

Photo: Getty Images

Dolly Parton just explained the meaning behind one of her latest songs, and the message empowers the listener to leave their baggage behind for a brighter future. “Dark Night, Bright Future” is one of 12 tracks included on Run, Rose, Run, the companion album to Parton’s novel by the same name, co-authored by James Patterson.

Parton recently took to Instagram to share the meaning behind the song, explaining in the video: “It’s like, just because you have a past doesn’t mean you cant have a future, and you don’t have to drag all that baggage into that. So, it’s really just saying, it’s like, ‘Dark Night, Bright Future,’ you know, it’s like you’ve learned from the past and just go forward. …There’s a brighter day ahead out there.” The country music icon added in her caption: “It may be a dark night but you’ve got a bright future ahead. Never let the past stop you from achieving your dreams!”

Run, Rose Run — both the album and the book — released in March, marking Parton’s first-ever novel. The album includes other fan-favorite tracks, like “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans,” “Blue Bonnet Breeze,” “Woman Up (And Take It Like A Man)” and others. The story will also get a feature film adaptation, produced in partnership with Reese Witherspoon’s storytelling media company. Watch Parton tell the story of “Dark Night, Bright Future” here: