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RaeLynn Shows Everyone 'Where My Heart Is' With These 2 Tracks

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RaeLynn just debuted two songs that undoubtedly show “where my heart is.” Both of them released Friday (May 13): “I Love My Hometown” and “If Hod Took Days Off.” RaeLynn announced the two songs earlier this week, pledging that “your girl ain’t done singing about hometowns and Jesus 😘.”

“New year, new tour, new MUSIC! Hope y’all love these new songs as much as I love singing them💕,” RaeLynn announced on Instagram.

“This music is a continuation of where my heart is," she added in a statement on Friday. "I will always love singing about my hometown and good ole Jesus! These songs are super special and only the beginning of what’s to come.”

RaeLynn, who is getting ready to tour with Kane Brown this year, teamed up with a few co-writers on “I Love My Hometown,” described as a “groove-worthy track” that points out some of the best things about her Texas hometown (the football field, friendly faces and trucks, to name a few). Corey Crowder, Brian Kelley and Canaan Smith wrote it with RaeLynn. “If God Took Days Off” is described as a “poignant and pensive track.” RaeLynn collaborated with Taylor Phillips, Ben Stennis and Cole Taylor to write it.

The two new tracks mark the latest release from RaeLynn since she debuted BAYTOWN, the album that serves as a nod to her Texas hometown. RaeLynn said of the project when it released in September: “Everything that I am and what I represent is imprinted with my hometown in my heart. No matter what I do, what I sing or where I live, Baytown will always be represented because it made me who I am today.”

Listen to “I Love My Hometown” here:

Listen to “If God Took Days Off” here: