Incubus Launches 'Band Through My Eyes' Instagram Series

The guys of Incubus are taking fans through a visual history of the band the best way they know how: with first-hand accounts of memorable moments.

In a new Instagram series dubbed “Band Through My Eyes,” each band member will take over the band's social media pages to share memories from throughout the years every week.

“We are excited to introduce a series called 'Band Through My Eyes', where we will have each member of the band take over our socials for a week,” the band wrote on Instagram.

Incubus' bassist Ben Kenney kicked things off on Monday (July 13) with a photo featuring a snap of the band from the back as they sit and stand on a balcony chatting away. 

“This photo was taken at the house where we wrote A Crow Left of the Murder. I think I had been in the band about a week at this point. Strangely I felt like these four guys were familiar from the beginning,” Kenney wrote in his caption.

He continued: “You ever meet somebody and after a few days feel like you’ve known them your whole life? That’s what I see in this photo now. That’s what I felt back then. I love that I spent the next 17 years running around the world with these guys and still have that feeling.”

Later that same day, Kenney applauded the band's drummer José Pasillas II for his amazing head of hair. Then, on Tuesday (July 14), he posted a photo from 2004 that was shot in Incubus' rehearsal space where just down the hall was a TV studio that was filming novelas for Univision.

“I think Earth Wind & Fire owned the whole place at one point in the 70's. And we wrote an early version of the song 'Dig' in that room,” he wrote. “Just between me and you I kinda miss seeing the beautiful actresses in the hallways every day. It was a magical time.”

Follow Incubus' Insta to catch the rest of the band members' posts in the coming weeks.

Photo: Getty Images

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