Maren Morris Encourages Kids To Keep Practicing On 'Sesame Street'

Maren Morris Encourages Kids To Keep Practicing On New 'Sesame Street'

Maren Morris is one of the special guests a part of the 50th season of Sesame Street. The country singer starred in an episode called, "Let's Draw," which aired on Saturday (February 15).

In the episode, Morris joined cast members including Big Bird, the Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, Elmo, Grover and more. She sang a song titled, "Oops! Whoops! Wait, A Ha!," which encourages young viewers learning a new skill to keep practicing until they get it right.

As Morris sings the encouraging tune, the iconic cast members illustrate the point of the song as they attempt to learn new skills. Cookie Monster tries to bake cookies, Big Bird attempts basketball and Rosita starts playing her trumpet. Each character had to practice several times before succeeding.

“Whether you’re trying to shoot hoops, Or do some loop-di-loops / Or learning how to play / Remember each slip is just part of the trip / To shouting out ‘hooray'” Morris sings.

The day Morris filmed the Sesame Street episode also happened to be her husband, Ryan Hurd's 31st birthday. To celebrate, Morris decided to bring him along for the ride.

"I can't wait for you to finally see my Sesame Street episode. We filmed it on Ryan's birthday and we cannot wait to someday show our little one it," Morris captioned an Instagram at the time.

It just so happens that Morris and Hurd's Sesame Street episode comes during an exciting time for the couple as they prepare for their first child, a baby boy to arrive. The couple announced their pregnancy on Instagram in October of 2019.

"The irony is just too rich that after a year of living in the 'GIRL' headspace, the universe would give us a baby boy to even things out. See you in 2020, little one," Morris captioned the post.

At this point, Morris is well into her pregnancy as the baby is expected to arrive in March or April. Morris' Sesame Street appearance can be seen in the clip below.


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