Granger Smith Still Gets A Rush Of Excitement Hearing His Song On The Radio

Granger Smith Still Gets A Rush Of Excitement Hearing His Song On The Radio

Granger Smith recently released a new song, "That's Why I Love Dirt Roads," about finding peace, strength and renewal on an old dirt road out in the country.

On the latest episode of the country singer's family YouTube show, The Smiths, he was able to capture the moment he heard the song on the radio for the first time. This certainly isn't the first time Smith has heard his song on the radio, however he says it's still just as special to him years later.

"The 1st time I heard one of my songs on the radio was in the fall of 1999. It jumped out of the speakers of my little dorm room alarm clock at Texas A&M and my heart nearly jumped out of my chest," Smith recalls in a post shared to Instagram."

"Fast forward 20 years and the first time with a new song still gives me that same rush of excitement," Smith says. "After the long process of work on a piece of music, I hear it thousands of times, so there’s something different about that FM radio sound. I pulled this little clip from our Smiths episode released last night."

"That's Why I Love Dirt Roads" is the first song Smith has released since the tragic loss of his son, River in June 2019. Following an unimaginable loss like that, it's understandable why Smith seeks the peace and quiet a country road can bring.

To Smith, he says the song is about "finding peace. Finding yourself. Finding God on a road that's rough around the edges just like us." He continues, "It's about that rural sanctuary we all know so well behind a pair of headlights, a steering wheel and your heavy thoughts."

Take a listen to "That's Why I Love Dirt Roads" below.


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