When anyone is chasing after their dreams, there are always going to be struggles that come along the way. For those that aspire to be country music artists, it's no different.

When Courtney Cole moved to Nashville to chase her own dreams, she had no idea what was in store for her. After success on CMT's The Next Superstar in 2011, she landed a publishing deal, got a manager, and followed that up with gigs opening for some of the biggest names in country music. She's opened for Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Chris Young, and more.

Fast forward to 2017, her publishing deal ended, she parted ways with her manager, and lost the love of her life. “I thought by now I’d be married, have a baby or two and have some awards on the shelf. But my song obviously doesn’t go go that way,” she said.

She's revealing all these details in a new YouTube documentary series, that she's calling The Rockumentary. You'll see the unfiltered real side of what someone goes through, when Nashville hit's them hard, but they get back up and keep going. She gives us a perspective of what it can look like when you go from opening for a superstar, to driving for Uber.

Courtney has left Nashville for the summer and embarked on a journey to LA. The video series is three episodes in, and will have you emotionally connected with her after just one video; you'll be wanting to see her succeed.

In today's social media society where everyone only shows the highlight reel of life, for someone to be willing to give a raw and truly real perspective of the struggles they are dealing with - will be aspiring for everyone.

Checkout the first episode below, and see them all on her YouTube channel here.

Photo: Getty Images