Chris Janson gave fans five new songs today, with the release of his The Fix a Drink EP.

The EP includes his current single "Fix a Drink," which he tells us might be a little more meaningful than people realize.

"It has a lot more substance to it than, just fix a drink and hey let's have a party. Between turning on Fox News and CNN and seeing the same dern things all over again. From the world being in the toilet and the market being in the tank. You can't fix any of those things, when you're a normal human being like me or anyone else who's a consumer or a radio listener ... you can't fix those things; but you can fix a drink. Which is where the song came from."

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Songs also included on the EP are, "Name On It", "Everybody", "Little Bit of Both", and fan favorite at his live show - "Redneck Life."

Chris delivers an EP that will have you singing along in no time, and make you excited to see what else he has in store for his full length sophomore album.

If you haven't seen the video for "Fix a Drink," check it out below. He enlisted quite a few of his fellow country music artists to make it happen.